Product Care

Treat products with care, the more gently you treat them, the longer your products will last! Here are some simple recommended care tips you need to know.


First Few Washes.

Wash products separately between light and dark colors as sometimes certain colors can transfer. If you want to soak the product, soak the product for a maximum of 1 hour in a different basin.


Always Wash by Hand.

Did you know that washing machines can cause damage to your products? For example, the appearance of fine hairs, discoloration, tearing, changes to the cup, etc—stuff that you don’t want to happen to your product. It's best to always gently hand wash all your products in room temperature or cold water with a mild detergent. Never use bleach or harsh detergents, and never use any brushing products.

You can wash the bra directly with the padding, no need to remove it separately.

If you really have to wash using a washing machine, make sure you use a separate laundry net from other products, cold water, and the washing machine on the most gentle/delicate mode. 


Do not use a dryer/drying machine.

The heat released by the dryer WILL damage your product. So avoiding the drying machine is a must. You can dry the product by placing it on a flat surface or using a hanger. It's best not to expose it to direct sunlight.

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